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I N D E 

5 \.Goth.VoigtiiDeYicix Phyfic»,773oi7. 
52.AVV.fFJ fciof Naval At chitecture and 
Conduit ,77 3005. 

So the goahl, 


A Chsrcfir.ifkktti Problem folv'd by Mr. 
Co/tins o\ the R.S. 69.^093. 

Good C;J>r more wiiolelome than 
Win«, i3. 

Co/»«« sor Dyes how to be iucreafed ; 
which w;-.y vo be fixed, 70.2132.See Infects 
a; d Kennes, below. 

Qi' CoLttrs a New Theory by Mr. ifaac 
Ninc.t«n,oi the R.S.n.8«. 

£uriiusbi% Flux defcribed.71.2153. 

Frr/nentttiofiseXuBiia'd by Bcrellus, 73. 

J7/£ .»,.-//.»• defcribed,74.222i. 

Ghworms, observations abouttheir flii- 
nii:g,72. 73.3035- 

ciww*j>confider'd, 73. 2210. and 74. 


Two Jffurricens'm England ,7 1.2 156. 

Ietyhovt it appears when made in a place 
free from Air, 72.2 169. 

India, Natural Obfervations of the 
Eait-Indies ; See Bttldtem in Books. 

f>i!cel} ; A viviparous Fly ; of 33 forts 
of Spiders in England,72.2i74-Spontane- 
ous generation inquired and doubted,74. 
22 19. Bees hatcli'd in willows, 74.2221. 
Walps, call'd Ichneumons,; their feveral 
ways of breeding; and of their laying 
their Eggs in the bodies of Caterpillars, 
76.2297.Snails are both male and female ; 
and that Caterpillars may teach us, by 
their feeding,the correfpondence of ver- 
tues in plants,7o.2282. Infects feeding on 
Henbane, and in their bodies correcting 
tlit' horrid fmell ofhenbaneintoan Aro- 
matick ; their Eggsalfo changing from a 
white to an Orange or deeper colour, 72. 
2170. InfeftsfmellingofMusk^. 2219. 

and 76. 2281. more of Infefls, f6. 2284, 
2285. and n.77.3002. The Goat-chaffer or 
fwect Beetle in what feafon musky, 77. 
3003. Ti-e Musk-ant ,77.3002. Whether the 
Tarantula be not a, 77. 3002. 
A Scolopendra {hining in the dark, 24. 
2221. See Gio'.vonsiS. Inieiis in England of 
the Kennes kiud.yr. 2165. and 11.7j.2196. 

Of tight and Colours a New and very 
Ingenious Theory, by Mr. Ifticck.Nnvtc>t> 


Mdthtmatitks aid Mechtnicks.Scz Art. 

A fwect Af/.7*;VBalfom newly found in 
Italy ,79.3059. 

An lucombuftible Mineral lately found 
in Italy ,72.2 i67.itf/W.//^rf,fee Art. 

Natural Obfervations, See Baldccus in 


Pcarsfor fomeibyl and for peculiar ufes 
reco mmend ed ,7 1 . 2 1 47. 

FttrifitrtL'tucorfiAer'A in curious fi- 
gures,7< human bodies, 71.2158. 


Snails, 76.22%%. Spiders ; fee JnftUsi 

A Sale of a ftrange kind ,79.3069. 

The Torrid Zone known to be habitable 
above 500 years .^0,73.2214. 

The Loud-fpeaking Trumpet, 79.3056. 

Vegetation; fee Dr.^wwv Anatome , in 
Books. Veins in -ftgeteHts analogous to 
Veins inAnimals,79. 3051. To make any 
fruit or flower grow by Art and without 
feed, at leaft in minute rcfemblanee. See 
tana in Books. 

Vegetable Excrefcencies, breeding In- 
fea$,confider'd by Mr. Lifter, R.S. 7$. 
2 254. 


A corrupt Tranfiation of thefe PhiU 
Tratrfailicnt into LMtin, animadverted up- 

ERRATA inA'*«i^>'79./'^;c3054./.l8. notrrantin^.ibid.l.19. t.Ani in thtfe. 


Printed for John Martyr Printer to the Royd Stcitty. 1671.